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Making a Gift to Magdalene

Gifts and donations made by US taxpayers to The Magdalene College Foundation are tax deductable to the extent allowed by law.

A tax receipt in a form acceptable to the Internal Revenue Service will be issued for every gift and donation received.

Thank you for supporting Magdalene, please find below details on how to make a donation to The Magdalene College Foundation.

Donations by Credit or Debit Card online

You may use your credit card or debit card to make a donation to The Magdalene College Foundation.  By clicking on the link below, you will be redirected to a secure donation webpage.

Make a gift online via the Magdalene College Foundation

Please note that the company which processes credit and debit card transactions charges The Magdalene College Foundation a fee of approximately 3% of the gift amount, so please consider adding 3% to the amount of your donation to cover this cost.

Donations by Check

donation form and print and mail it with your check payable to 'The Magdalene College Foundation' to:

The Magdalene College Foundation
c/o Chapel & York Limited
1000 N. West St.
Suite 1200
Wilmington, DE 19801

Donations by Wire or Bank Transfer

Please contact us by email for full instructions of how to make a wire transfer.

Donations of Securities

Under current tax law, donors may receive attractive tax treatment by contributing appreciated securities held for more than one year.  You may donate stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares; in some instances, tax benefits may apply also to gifts of restricted securities, control securities, and closely held securities. Please do not instruct your bank or broker to sell the securities and forward the proceeds to The Magdalene College Foundation. This transaction would represent a cash contribution, and you might be liable for capital gains tax.

Please contact the Alumni & Development Office at development@magd.cam.ac.uk or on +44 1 223 332104 for further assistance in completing the necessary arrangements.

In compliance with IRS regulations, the Board of Directors of The Magdalene College Foundation maintains complete discretion over allocation of gifts to Magdalene. However, the Board of Directors will take into consideration any specific areas which you may wish to support. Untargeted gifts will be treated as gifts to 'General Purposes', to be disbursed to the area of greatest need.

If you wish to discuss a gift or donation to The Magdalene College Foundation please contact the Alumni & Development Office at development@magd.cam.ac.ukor +44 1223 332104.

Supporting the Future Foundations Campaign

We invite all of our Members to take part and support the Future Foundations Campaign. Every gift, large and small, will make a difference to the success of the Future Foundations Campaign.

Members who make a donation of over $1250 (£1000) throughout the lifetime of the campaign will have their name listed in the new building regardless of the designation of the donation.

Make a gift online via the Magdalene College Foundation  Download a donation form

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